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GOP senator wants details on border wall construction

29 August 2017

"Among many other things, we will build the wall!" But, you know, making border-wall funding the hill that you fight and die on is just not productive.

When did he propose building the wall? While there is always tension behind the scenes, they said, it nearly never spills into full view. The country doesn't need a government shutdown.

In a since released statement defending the president's actions, the White House stated, "throughout his time as Sheriff, Arpaio continued his life's work of protecting the public from the scourges of crime and illegal immigration". "Mark my words", he said. As is well known (except, apparently, to Mr. Trump), the majority of voters did not support him, and a strong majority of citizens do not support the wall.

Republicans in Washington were baffled and dismayed by Mr. Trump's performance in Arizona on Tuesday.

The House has approved $1.6 billion through the end of 2018 for construction - enough for 60 miles of new barrier in Texas and 14 miles of replacement secondary fencing in Southern California. "We're talking about peanuts, by comparison, to that". Each previous incident saw the markets bounce back, which suggests that the President's latest outburst will likely not have a lasting effect on Wall Street. Most other estimates are far higher. The 2,000-mile frontier already has 700 miles of fencing.

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Who will pay for it?

He said in a statement he and Trump were in regular contact and working together on a list of goals that included preventing a government default and funding government priorities "in the short and long terms".

Do you think Trump is right to force a government shutdown over the U.S. border wall? .

After the Republican candidate met President Enrique Pena Nieto in September, he said the pair had not discussed the issue - a claim contradicted by the Mexican leader.

"I'm willing to do it whenever it makes sense", Rep. Jim Jordan, a founder of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, said Friday.

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"President Trump is threatening to hold our federal budget hostage so he can get his pet project finished, something he promised Mexico would pay for, not the American public", Cox added. And he placed the blame for his legislative setbacks everywhere except the White House.

Does he need approval from Congress? In a press conference, perhaps with a freshly pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio by his side, he will announce that the wall is finally being built, "big lovely door" and all. That bill led to the construction of about 700 miles of various kinds of fencing created to block both vehicles and pedestrians.

"It's a really freakish political strategy", he continued.

This case of bait-and-switch could serve to keep the government open, depending on how precise Trump wants to be about the definition of "wall". "We have KKK. I got 'em all", he said.

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GOP senator wants details on border wall construction