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Animal Shelters Filling Up With Pets In Harvey's Wake

30 August 2017

The Animal Humane Society of Minnesota is sending a rescue team to Texas to help animals impacted by the flooding from Hurricane Harvey. The Cattery of Corpus Christi accepted their offer, and the SPCA took in all 123 cats that were awaiting adoption.

"Katrina had a big influence on us and because of it, we wanted to do work with rescues and we also wanted to help pets that are either getting caught in the storm or have no place to go". Rescue Village's partner shelters are working to prepare animals for transport and are unsure how long it will take them to arrive. And they are bracing for more in the coming days.

If the Atlanta shelter fills up, it will ship some of its animals north to states unaffected by the hurricane in order to keep providing aid to animals in need. You can donate at or sign up to adopt a displaced animal at

Still, even with many positive stories of rescue and reunited pets, many more animals are lost.

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Many New Orleans residents chose not to heed warnings to evacuate the city because they did not want to leave their pets, who were barred from shelters.

Seattle Humane does not expect to take pets separated from their owners.

In response, the U.S. Congress passed the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards (PETS) Act in 2006, which requires states seeking assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to incorporate plans for pets. Many of those animals now abandoned, lost or homeless, as major storms can be especially cruel to animals.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Ashville, N.C., has been working feverishly on a mass rescue of four coastal animal shelters.

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Almost 30 cats and dogs from Louisiana have been transported to Atlanta in order to provide space in shelters near the Hurricane Harvey storm zone. The displaced dog jumped into his Jeep during the storm.

And at least one law enforcement official intends to make sure it's followed. Some shelters were affected by the flood waters and have been forced to evacuate.

"I'm going to have to do some finagling this week", she said.

"Dogs are your family members too".

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Animal Shelters Filling Up With Pets In Harvey's Wake