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Anti-Whaling Activists Prove No Match for Japanese Military Leviathan

30 August 2017

Saying his organization simply can not keep up with Japanese whaling vessels' improved technology, the founder of the anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd has announced he'll keep his maritime flock in dock this season.

Watson said his volunteer organisation could not compete with Japanese military satellite technology, which tracked Sea Shepherd in the ocean.

He said Japan had "escalated their resistance" with a new anti-terrorism laws "some of which are specifically created to condemn Sea Shepherd tactics".

Per CNN, Watson says his group's work was also stymied by new anti-terrorism laws "specifically created to condemn Sea Shepherd tactics" and warnings from Japan that they might send out military vessels to protect their whalers.

"A Navy vessel could monitor Japan's activity in the Southern Ocean to ensure that unlimited whaling does not occur under the guise of scientific research".

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The ocean-focused conservationist group has sent ships to harass and hinder Japanese whalers for the past 12 years, but in an announcement on its website says its resources can't compete with those of its opponents, who are backed by a "major economic super-power".

"In the meantime, it's time for the Australian government to live up to their promises".

"Instead of supporting Sea Shepherd the Australian government has been supporting the Japanese whalers by harassing Sea Shepherd and obstructing Sea Shepherd's ability to raise funds by denying our charitable status", Watson said.

However, Sea Shepherd says the campaign hasn't been a failure.

"The Green Party in government will take every reasonable measure to protect these handsome whales from being needlessly hunted down by Japanese vessels", said Mr Shaw.

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In a statement, Greenpeace Japan and another 11 Japanese NGOs, said the law meant "our tax money will be spent on these wasteful programs every year, whilst damaging our relationships with otherwise friendly nations, and disgracing ourselves internationally". Our Federal Court has issued an injunction against Japan because Tokyo is breaking Canberra laws.

"Australia is definitely in league with Japan", he said.

The damaged powerboat Ady Gil, which belongs to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, floats near the Japanese ship Shonan Maru No. 2 (back) after a collision between the two vessels in the Southern Ocean January 6, 2010.

Watson, who was placed on an global wanted list through Interpol in 2012 at Japan's request, also claimed that Japan planned to deploy armed forces to defend its whaling ships.

We need to show Japan that there are consequences to their decision to flout the International Court of Justice's ruling that scientific whaling is illegal. Japan suspended its hunt for one season, to re-tool its whaling programme with measures such as cutting the number of whales and species targeted, but resumed hunting in the 2015-2016 season.

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Anti-Whaling Activists Prove No Match for Japanese Military Leviathan