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Destiny 2 PC Settings Detailed, Features 4K HDR, 60FPS

30 August 2017

Destiny 2 is about to launch, and Activision is sneaking out a promotional beta for the game on PC just before it releases on consoles.

The Destiny 2 open beta will begin today at 10am PT, joining the players enjoying the early access period since yesterday. PC players who have been longing to jump into some Destiny action will be happy to know that Destiny 2 is worth the wait.

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Bungie announced the time the social space will be opening up for PC players and it comes at a pretty inconvenient time for many players. Unfortunately you can't download the Destiny 2 beta on Steam, you'll need to have a account to get it downloaded and gaming away.

If you played the beta on consoles, it's pretty much the same, but balance adjustments have been made.

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Rest assured, once we get the game working Tim, James and Jarred will be running the rule over the technical performance of the PC version. Bungie is now investigating the Destiny 2 PC beta Chive error, but has yet to find out exactly what's causing it. Players who encounter this issue should close the Beta client through the user interface or by pressing Alt+F4, and proceed to launch the Destiny 2 Beta using the "Play" button in the Destiny 2 tab of the Blizzard app.

Destiny 2 is out for the PS4 and Xbox One on September 6 and for the PC in October.

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Moving the Beta window between a 4K and 1080p monitor may result in the application crashing.

Destiny 2 PC Settings Detailed, Features 4K HDR, 60FPS