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Look Out, Sonos: Amazon Echos Now Offer Whole-Home Audio

30 August 2017

Also announced today is Amazon's Connected Speaker APIs, which will let you use Alexa to control connected audio systems. The multi-room feature as Amazon is calling it, will let you connect more than one Echo speaker together and let you synchronize your music streaming so that it plays along on both speakers, or all speakers if you have more than two. The feature is available in the U.S., Britain and Germany. Support for Spotify and SiriusXM is coming soon.

If you've got a couple of Amazon's Alexa-enabled smart speakers scattered throughout your home, then here's some news you've probably been waiting to hear. This means you can now pump the jams from one Echo device, or a group of them, using simple voice controls.

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The retailer already offers a family plan for its music streaming service, setting you back $149 a year for the entire family, which appeals to Prime subscribers the most. "Moreover, the device will support multiple voice platforms and music services, allowing customers to effortlessly control their music on Sonos". "We're proud of the work we've done together as Amazon's first multi-room partner - all you'll need is an Alexa-enabled device and playing music out loud on Sonos will be as easy as saying 'Alexa, play music in the living room'". It seems like Amazon is going after that, by making the sound in the Echo better. Next, select Groups, Create Group, Multi-Room Music.

However, as with other Alexa features, expect the functionality of Multi-Room Music to increase. The APIs are now available in developer preview.

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Look Out, Sonos: Amazon Echos Now Offer Whole-Home Audio