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NJ, NY Republicans Attack TX Colleagues for 'Hypocrisy'

30 August 2017

Christie also praised President Donald Trump for visiting Texas so soon after the storm and said criticism of Trump for doing so was "outrageous".

Lawmakers will be under pressure when they return to Washington next week to extend the National Flood Insurance Program after the flooding disaster crippled coastal Texas and Louisiana. Long says the agency has already processed over 15,000 calls from people registering for disaster assistance, a fraction of the more than 450,000 it expects.

"The damage is going to be very extensive", he said.

Another issue lawmakers face is emergency aid to address damage that isn't insured, a process that has been controversial on Capitol Hill in recent years.

"Republicans must be ready to join Democrats in passing a timely relief bill that makes all necessary resources available", said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. Sandy aid was delayed by three months. "I also know that when you are going through this just knowing people are there to help is really important".

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The Republican-led Congress appears likely to add an immediate infusion of aid to a temporary spending bill to prevent a government shutdown October 1, though congressional aides say the larger recovery package may take more time to develop. Mick Mulvaney (R., S.C.), now Mr. Trump's budget director, who said the funds should have been offset by budget trims elsewhere.

He was not yet in office when the Senate voted on the pared-down amendment that Cornyn supported. But two days into one of the biggest storms in history to hit Texas's southeast coast, Cruz, whose hometown of Houston is enduring the worst of the storm this week, has made little progress showing he's willing to demonstrate fiscal restraint or embrace Trump.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was among those who did not vote for Sandy relief. "NY wont abandon Texas", King tweeted Saturday. Ted Cruz, overwhelmingly opposed a disaster relief package they argued was packed with wasteful spending.

Cruz didn't identify any pork spending in the Hurricane Sandy relief package, though a statement on his website from January 2013 sheds light on the claim.

Mr. Cornyn objected to the final bill for similar reasons, his spokesman said Monday, noting he has backed other relief after natural disasters.

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"But you should not have members of Congress that are exploiting disasters to fund their pet projects, and so there will be time for all of those debates in Washington".

"We are the United States of America and in times of trouble, emergencies and hardship, we must remain unified", Norcross said.

Standard homeowner insurance policies exclude flooding, which is why you'd typically need a separate policy through the NFIP, said Robert Hartwig, a professor at the University of SC and the former president of the Insurance Information Institute. "That was six times the amount of time they waited after Hurricane Andrew and ten times more than they waited [after] Hurricane Katrina". Sandy alone cost $8.4 billion initially, according to FEMA.

Texas Republican Representative Pete Sessions told MSNBC he expected lawmakers to back any aid package as long as it was not bloated beyond the needed storm response.

Cruz dismissed King's barbs during a CNBC interview on Monday.

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