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Protesters rally outside Trump buildings to save Dreamer program

01 September 2017

The US president's decision could be announced as early as Friday, but could also come next week, the official said.

According to Fox News, Trump plans to allow the Dreamers to stay in the US until their work permits expire (an additional two years in some cases).

Trump is weighing his options on the protections for the almost 800,000 young undocumented immigrants under DACA, which gave young people who had come to the United States illegally as children the chance to work and study in the country without fear of deportation.

We, the undersigned governors, statewide constitutional officers, mayors, state legislators, local elected officials, law enforcement professionals, and faith and civic leaders are united in declaring that we are with Dreamers and DACA recipients.

The White House on Thursday denied reports President Trump plans to end a program that allows young undocumented immigrants to remain in the country.

During his campaign, President Trump pledged to end DACA, calling it an unconstitutional abuse of executive authority.

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On Wednesday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said DACA was still the subject of "a very lengthy review" process.

In Texas, where recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey are underway, Pence said that the federal and state government would be providing support, regardless of citizenship status, "to give [victims] shelter to assist them as they rebuild their lives and rebuild their families".

Lucas Codognolla, executive director for CT Students for a Dream, a statewide nonprofit resource for undocumented immigrants, is a DACA recipient who came to the US from Brazil when he was 9 and was educated in Stamford schools.

Jennifer Romero was 2 years old when her parents brought her across the USA border from Mexico, and then into Colorado.

Kayleigh Lovvorn, a spokeswoman for Texas attorney general, on Thursday said her office has no plans to push back the September 5 date. "While we were crossing, we had to pretend to be sleeping so that they wouldn't question us". Martinez said yesterday when she became DACA eligible she "felt recognized and. felt safe".

"Our position has been that President Trump should allow DACA to lapse", Ira Mehlman from the Federation for American Immigration Reform told Fox News. Now, it appears he has reversed course once again, and DACA as we currently know it will no longer exist.

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The fate of about 800,000 young immigrants known as "Dreamers" rests in President Donald Trump's hands.

"I wish that this country realized the impact that immigrants have, and was able to provide them with a little bit of hope into creating those roots here, and actually considering the United States their country and a country that loves them back". And some of the cases, having DACA and they're gang members and they're drug dealers, too.

Smith noted that at least 27 of Microsoft's employees could be affected if Trump ends DACA.

However, Borovska said, the Trump administration may step up its I-9 audit program to cover more ground and surveil businesses.

Supporters of DACA argue the program helps stabilize families and secure jobs for young people.

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Protesters rally outside Trump buildings to save Dreamer program