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Who Should Play the Joker? Leonardo DiCaprio, Say Warner Bros

02 September 2017

Now, some are suggesting the move from Warner Bros. could be a play to get Scorsese's longtime collaborator, Leonardo DiCaprio, to channel the comic-book villain. Scorsese will reportedly produce The Joker origin film. Warner Bros. also already developed a menacing and tricky Joker character, which was played by Jared Leto in 2016's Suicide Squad.

The new joker film, directed by Martin Scorsese, will form part of the DC Extended Universe. This comes as DiCaprio has made a career of avoiding tent-pole Hollywood blockbusters and franchises.

Jared Leto makes his comeback in the film based on The Joker and Harley Quinn but will unfortunately not take the lead in this version. But more than anything, it shows Warner Bros.is serious about attracting major stars to these one-off comic projects.

DiCaprio could follow in the footsteps of his The Departed co-star Jack Nicholson for the part, and he has had a lucrative past with Warner Bros. previously, such as with Inception ($825.5 million) and The Great Gatsby ($351 million).

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Todd Phillips will be in the director's chair for The Joker origin story working from a script he co-wrote with the assistance of 8 Mile scribe Scott Silver.

While the directorial duties appear to be in order, there is no current offer to DiCaprio.

It's important to note that this DiCaprio news came courtesy of a feature piece by The Hollywood Reporter and is not official news, but merely insider talk about the studio's intention.

The CD Universe would allow Warner Bros to create standalone films with serious actors like Leo and the DC Universe would allow them to make bad films that no one will want to see because who wants to watch Jared Leto after you've watched Leo?

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Thus far in the life of the DCEU, it hasn't necessarily been smooth sailing. Considering DC's shaky track record (Wonder Woman aside), it'd be a risk he simply doesn't have to take.

MMA fighter and actor/comedian Brendan Schaub, who's friends with Phillips' agent, revealed this week on Joe Rogan Experience that the "super-dark" film will feature a Joker who was bullied as a kid because of his permanent smile.

Meanwhile, a standalone Joker film is also in the works, according to Deadline.

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Who Should Play the Joker? Leonardo DiCaprio, Say Warner Bros