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Princess Mako attracted to Komuro's 'shining smile'

05 September 2017

Princess Mako's 83-year-old grandfather, Emperor Akihito, has expressed a desire to abdicate and is expected to do so in late 2018.

Princess Mako also told press outlets that she has always known that she would eventually abandon her royal status, thanks to a Japanese law that requires women in the royal family to give up their titles when they marry commoners. She said she was first attracted to Komuro's "smile like the sun".

"Because I had already made up my mind, I accepted on the spot", Princess Mako said.

'Having a family still goes beyond my imagination, but I hope to make one that is warm, comfortable and filled with smiles, ' Princess Mako said.

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The pair met while studying at International Christian University five years ago and spent a year dating long-distance while Princess Mako studied in England and Komuro in America. Princess Mako has a master's degree from the UK's University of Leicester and is now a researcher at a museum.

The couple maintained a long-distance relationship as Mako studied in Britain and Komuro in the USA for one year.

Over time, Princess Mako said she learned he is "a honest, strong-minded, hard worker, and he has a big heart".

He also revealed that he actually proposed way back in December 2013 by saying: "Let's get married in the future".

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While it's happy news for the couple, who pledge to make a "relaxed and peaceful" home together, it's not so great for the royal family, who face the pressure of a declining population while they try and keep their 2000-year-old bloodline running strong.

According to NHK, the wedding between the Princess and Komuro is expected to take place next year.

Under existing Imperial Household Law, only males may inherit the throne.

The elder daughter of Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko is a popular figure in Japan, with Wikipedia describing her as "something of an internet idol since 2004" largely thanks to her fashion choices. 5-year-old announced her engagement News. The other three are her younger sister, Kako, her brother, Hisahito, and Crown Prince Naruhito's daughter, Aiko.

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Princess Mako is expected to Wednesday next year.

Princess Mako attracted to Komuro's 'shining smile'