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American Horror Story: Cult season premiere live stream

07 September 2017

During the question and answer portion after the screening, Murphy explained why the presidential election is significant in "American Horror Story" season 7. And the romance drama "Like Crazy" arrives on Netflix.

Of course, American Horror Story: Cult will also have plenty of returning actors from previous seasons.

Cult may be the scariest installment of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's series yet - and not just because the FX show's story begins on the day Donald Trump was elected President.

We are then introduced to the four major phobias that Ally can not seem to control, no matter how hard her wife Ivy (Alison Pill) and therapist Cheyenne Jackson try to console her.

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Trump's win triggers all of Ally's phobias, which include blood, confined spaces, coral and, yes, clowns.

It is the unchecked paranoia (Ally) and the taunting, edgy ugliness (Kai) that erupted with this unparalleled election that will fuel the run of the season. He then proceeds to dump cheese puffs into a blender and smear them on his face to go taunt his sister Winter (Billie Lourd, in her inaugural role in the series). (We've also given them nicknames, since all but Twisty are as yet unidentified.) Here's every clown that's shown up so far to terrorize our heroes.

Past seasons of AHS often had the names alone of stars such as Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates and Lady Gaga overshadowing the stellar performances of Paulson and Evan Peters, but with her believable descent into the black hole of insanity and his morphing into several different cult leaders through flashbacks, both will blaze on their own without being next to any other name in the credits.

Still, "American Horror Story" is, on some key levels, a splatter-fest, regularly mixing sex and violence in stylized and voyeuristic fashion. Learning of the news, Winter is devastated, having dropped out of Vassar College to campaign for Hillary for a year. With the 50th anniversary of the infamous killings approaching in 2019, Murphy had been researching but couldn't figure out a way to make a Manson-focused season feel like a fresh take. Initially, it was believed that there would be characters playing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. While his image alone seems to trigger fear for some, the real Twisty is busy going on a murderous rampage. They'll roll their eyes, throw up their hands and go back to watching Fox News and MSNBC, to clicking links to Breitbart and The Raw Story on Facebook, instead of engaging in rational political discourse. She is bona fide insane, and soon thereafter starts seeing clowns everywhere.

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If that's the case, then American Horror Story: Cult is going to be a hit.

These are the four central characters of Cult, although how they are connected to one another remains ambiguous at the end of the first episode. "So they don't find that it happens as much if they imagine it, so the object has to be present visually for them".

Later, we wonder if those creepy clowns actually are real after a gruesome crime witnessed by their son.

"Things that we were shooting in May in our country have come true in the past six weeks even", said Murphy.

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"I want you to know I appreciate you, I really do", Ally says. Knowing Winter chose brutally violent dark-web videos to entertain her young charge makes it easy for the audience to assume the kid's account of the night-that Winter took him across the street just in time to see the very same clowns his mom encountered stab his neighbors (one of whom is the very person who humiliated Kai)-is the right one.

American Horror Story: Cult season premiere live stream