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Explosive used by IS found in France apartment

08 September 2017

Some of the products found in the flat in Villejuif could be used to make the unstable explosive TATP, one source close to the investigation said.

More potential TATP ingredients were found Thursday during a search of an enclosed parking space belonging to the main suspect, the apartment's owner, a source close to the case said.

They believe that three men arrested in connection with the findings were preparing attacks and had made calls to Syria, a minister said Thursday.

The Paris daily Le Parisien reported that the plumber was working on a stubborn leak, according to Agence France-Presse.

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A third person has been arrested after two were apprehended after the raid, said Collomb, who added that the suspects were being questioned on suspicion of terrorist activity despite talking of a bank heist.

The unnamed man noticed chemicals on a balcony of the flat as well as a soldering iron and hot plate through the window.

"Those under investigation spoke of wanting to blow up a bank with the TATP but they way we see it is they have links with terrorism, and this is the channel of investigation", Collomb told public radio station franceinfo.

It is reported two of the suspects are French nationals of North African origin who were not previously known to police.

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The Spain attackers stayed in a hotel in the Parisian suburb of Malakoff a short drive from where the suspected bomb factory was discovered on Wednesday in Villejuif.

The auto used by the assailants in Cambrils had been in the Paris area less than a week before the attacks.

France which has been under a state of emergency after the November 2015 terror attacks which killed 130 people, has experienced series of terror attacks and are therefore very nimble in response to any security related uprisings.

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Explosive used by IS found in France apartment