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Hurricanes Jose, Katia gain strength

08 September 2017

It's the first time since 2010 that three active hurricanes have been in the Atlantic, according to CNN Weather. The U.S. Virgin Islands are also experiencing severe weather.

Five days of rain are forecast for most of Mexico's territory due to the effects of storms in the region including Katia, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Jose, said Luis Felipe Puente, the head of Mexico's national emergency services.

Irma's wind speeds have placed the storm deep into Category 5 classification, which requires sustained winds greater than 156 miles per hour (251 kph).

Hurricane Jose and Hurricane Katia are right behind Irma. And they are very different storms. At this time, Jose is not expected to follow the same path as Irma.

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At least nine people have been killed so far by category 5 Hurricane Irma after it smashed into the Caribbean with winds of up to 180mph.

"On Saturday, it will pass a few hundred kilometres north/northeast of Saint Martin Island and Saint Barthelemy, probably as a Category 2" storm, he said.

If Irma's center marches north directly over Florida's eastern coastline, former hurricane hunter Jeff Masters says high winds and storm surges could turn the Gold Coast to the Mud Coast.

The third most-populous USA state, Florida is where Hurricane Irma is expected to make final landfall, with a large chunk of the state's population of 20 million in the path of the storm.

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The government of Mexico issued a hurricane watch for the coast of the state of Veracruz from Tuxpan to Laguna Verde.

"Those of you who think your homes may not be safe enough should immediately seek shelter with family, friends, or neighbors until the storm is over", Prime Minister William Marlin said Tuesday.

The northern parts of the Dominican Republic and Haiti could see 10 inches of rain, with as much as 20 inches in the southeast Bahamas and Turks and Caicos.

As of 10 a.m. AST Thursday, Katia had maximum sustained winds of 80 miles per hour and was stationary, according to NOAA.

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And though Jose is now shown heading north in the Atlantic, several of the 30 weather models offer the possibility that it could move toward the East Coast after Irma dies out, which could bring more rain and wind to Harrisburg.

Hurricanes Jose, Katia gain strength