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Destiny 2: Raid, Xur and More Events Dated In New Roadmap

10 September 2017

While news of microtransactions ruining games are now few and far between, one well-known title is now suffering from its consequences: Bungie's "Destiny 2". In Destiny 1, shaders (color swatches to apply to your character's gear) were an item you unlocked and had access to swap between any time.

Destiny thrives on repetition, but in the original game, the list of activities you would repeat was painfully small.

Once you had unlocked a shader and applied it to your armour the effects of the shader would be permanent and the shader was tied to your account forever.

You can not change into that shader again at will, unless you get your hands on another identical one.

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Now, Noseworthy is a project lead on Destiny 2, a game that wipes the Destiny slate clean for a fresh start, hoping to thrill new players and ensnare new ones with a new villain, an engaging story, and a thorough renovation of complicated structure of the first game. More granular customization is always better, right?

However, shaders in "Destiny 2" do not work that way.

That's a lot of dates to keep in mind for September, but Bungie is hinting that October has even more in store for Guardians. Since the shader is one-use, the new armor piece can't be colored unless the player has a duplicate shader, which given the random nature of the loot drops makes that situation highly unlikely. The same situation holds true from the armor side.

The thread is absolutely worth reading if you want to understand why players are so upset about the change (and how much better the old system was), but I was particularly drawn to one user's comment about another online game: Guild Wars 2. The average person buying "Destiny 2", playing through the game's campaign once or twice and dipping a toe into competitive multiplayer, is unlikely to have a real issue here. As of now the shaders can be purchased by spending physical money on in game currency called "silver" which has caused quite the controversy since these items used to be free.

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In this case, the game's director has already addressed the criticism on Twitter, explaining that the development team expects players to pick up shaders fairly readily through the normal gameplay methods. "Active players must log out of Destiny 2 for Clan Progression to become available, and may encounter a server queue." said Bungie.

Destiny 2 has been praised for fixing numerous problems that players had with Destiny 1 at launch, including repetitive missions and way too much grinding without decent reward, The Verge reports.

Either way, fans are certainly making their voices heard. Noseworthy says. "Or you meet someone in the game and you're like, I want to play this activity I've never done it before, I mostly play solo".

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Destiny 2: Raid, Xur and More Events Dated In New Roadmap