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Lubbock Family Evacuates Hurricane Irma from the Caribbean

11 September 2017

Their original flights home were for Thursday afternoon, the same day the hurricane was projected to hit.

"The back veranda was blown off, which also pulled down part of the wall in one of the bedrooms".

"It's really stressful", she said.

Significant damage is also being reported in the Dutch section.

"Because of the damage to the house, we sought shelter in the kitchen pantry, which had the most solid walls, was away from windows and the only dry spot in the house".

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Joe Ryan from Nenagh and his wife, Claire McAvinchey, have been living on Turks and Caicos for the past seven years and this Thursday had to leave their home for a hotel at Grace Bay in Providencials with their three-year-old son Oisin and new arrival Maebh. "They are getting nowhere".

"I was thinking the worse", said Justine Kitten.

"I know the government's been really good to get people out of Miami and sending extra flights there but I wish they would have thought about the people vacationing on the Caribbean islands because we needed help too", she said.

"We started calling American Airlines and they started saying there are no flights out", Kitten recalled.

Irma is sucking water from shorelines and pulling it into the eye of the storm as it charts a path to the Florida coast.

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"Luckily Claire went into labour yesterday and delivered the baby, so in that sense we were very lucky that she didn't have to stay in a hospital tonight - it was just in the nick of time".

Lowry and her vacation mates were fortified somewhat by talking to residents who'd experienced several hurricanes before.

Chamberlain said Friday morning that they have left the inland home, returned to Gauss's villa and are helping her clean up.

"They were so nervous and frightened by what was coming their way".

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Lubbock Family Evacuates Hurricane Irma from the Caribbean