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Apple unveils cellular watch as new iPhone awaited

15 September 2017

The Apple Watch Series 3 includes a new dual-core processor.

In addition, using the LTE Watch's fitness features with both network data and Global Positioning System turned on will drop the battery life to 4 hours for outdoor workouts (5 hours of Global Positioning System only). A user will be able to make and receive calls even when away from the iPhone using the Apple Watch series 3 Cellular.

Orders for the Apple Watch Series 3 start from 15 September, and will be available from 22 September.

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No South African launched date has been confirmed as yet. Contrary to a lot of speculations circulating for the past several months, Apple skipped the 7S series and technically unveiled two new generations of iPhones as far as product branding goes - all those polls asking which sounded better between the iPhone 8 and iPhone X were pretty much futile.

This is a developing story... With the Series 3, users can leave their iPhone at home when running to the grocery store and still be connected. The eSim will be provisioned through the device itself, making it easy to switch between supported carriers but impossible to sign up with one unsupported by Apple. It also comes with W2 Chip for better Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

Apple did not provide sales figures for its watches, but Cook said sales had risen 50 percent from the year before and that the Apple Watch was now the best-selling watch in the world. Later this fall, Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) will stream music, giving users access to any song from Apple Music.

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Apple has announced its latest refresh of the Apple TV device, which will now feature 4K streaming options.

Apple Inc rolled out a new version of the Apple Watch on Tuesday, marking the first introduction at the company's biggest product launch in years, which was expected to showcase a completely redesigned top-of-the-line iPhone. It's here that the Apple Watch could be a fantastic medical tool.

The tech giant has built a digital SIM card into the Watch Series 3, which means the Watch has its own mobile connection. COO, Jeff Williams joins Cook to describe Apple Watch and said " Apple Watch calculates your resting and recovery heart rate. Apple Watch features the excellent battery which has the all-day battery life.

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The Apple TV 4K set can also be pre-ordered this Friday and will be shipped on September 22.

Apple unveils cellular watch as new iPhone awaited