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Apple TV refresh brings 4K, City to streaming platform

23 September 2017

Users can purchase movies from select production houses on iTunes and Apple will make it 4K HDR compatible free of cost for the new Apple TV users. (Apple recommends a minimum speed of 25 Mbps for 4K streaming.) Your Apple devices automatically switch the video quality to a lower quality version if your Internet connection isn't fast enough. Apple hasn't revealed when this support could happen.

The Verge's Nilay Patel ultimately determined that the Apple TV 4K is a nice step up over the previous model. Both are even ahead of Apple TV in being able to stream Amazon video now; it's coming soon to Apple TV.

HD videos feature a higher-quality picture than SD videos. There is an Apple TV app that is already on iPhone, iPad, which lets the Apple TV and works seamlessly across them all.

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According to the guys over at MacRumors, the new 4K movies and TV shows are for streaming only, you will not be able to download the 4K content to your devices. Apple boasts that its central processing unit is twice as fast and its graphics processor is four times as fast. It's the same reason why the Mac and iOS versions of safari can't play recently uploaded 4K YouTube content.

The remote of the Apple TV also was met with positive feedback due to its simplicity and its versatility in implementing Siri.

Apple has also put quite a bit of work into its integration with other devices.

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If you're in that camp and are thinking of buying a new TV in the next few years, there's a good chance it will be 4K, so you might as well choose the 4K version of Apple TV now.

Apple isn't clear about why it added this restriction, though it's thought to be either a licensing issue - Apple is charging the same price for 4K movies as the HD versions - or it could simply be due to the large 4K file sizes taking up too much of the Apple TV's built-in storage. So if you stop watching in one place, you can start again later on a different device.

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Apple TV refresh brings 4K, City to streaming platform