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LOFT is a $49.95 portable battery base for the Google Home

23 September 2017

The accessory company Ninety7 is continuing its quest to untether smart speakers from wall outlets with the introduction of new battery packs designed for the Echo Dot and Google Home. The Amazon Echo now has a 76% share of the smart speaker market in the United States, according to research firm CIRP, with 15m units in consumer's homes. Google Home being the first popular one, users have always portability on the device. At IFA, we saw upcoming portable speakers with Google Assistant built-in, but what if I already bought a Google Home and don't feel the need to buy another speaker?

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For those wondering how LOFT attaches to the Google Home, it attaches to the magnetic base system on the smart speaker. The powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides up to 8 unplugged hours of use. However, if you only want to play music on the speaker and not control your home devices, then you can connect your speaker to Bluetooth. When the battery finally runs down, you drop it on the included charging base; that's powered via the same microUSB charger that Amazon includes with the Echo Dot itself. It has 4 LEDs on the front to show how much battery is still left and a premium metal perforated sleeve that should keep the same look you're used to with Google Home without hindering the sound's quality. You can now roam around your house with Google Home or any other place with Wi-Fi in range. The introductory price of the Ninenty7 LOFT is also lower at $39.95 from the $49.95 retail price. Ninety7 will start shipping the product this October. I suspect some of that is because Google carefully hid the Home's size with a taper, whereas the Loft continues to flare outward. Google Home comes a distant second, with the remaining 24% of the market. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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LOFT is a $49.95 portable battery base for the Google Home