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YouTube suddenly no longer available in Amazon Echo Show

28 September 2017

The Alphabet-owned firm later dismissed that sentiment and claimed that the manner in which Amazon integrated YouTube into the Echo Show is a violation of its terms of service, without clarifying on the matter.

Now there's the Echo for audiophiles, Look for fashionistas, Dot for cheapskates, Plus for Internet Of Things junkies, Show video chatty grandparents, Connect for home phone haters, and Spot for early risers (or those who wish they were).

In a statement, Amazon said that millions of Alexa customers enjoy music on their Echo devices.

Amazon also noted that there was no technical reason for the decision, which implies that YouTube was working as the company expects it would on its Echo Show device.

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Amazon has commented on the blocking, telling The Verge that Google pulled YouTube off its device without any explanation, reason, or notification to users. Amazon's music streaming app provides access to Amazon Music Unlimited, which is direct competition for Spotify and other streaming services.

What's going on, you might be wondering at this point?

"Google made a change today at around 3 pm", the company said.

Amazon also announced the Echo Plus, aiming to make it easier for customers to install connected homes so they can command appliances by voice. Windows Mobile ran into trouble when Microsoft and Google had an issue with the YouTube app created for Windows Mobile.

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The friendly Alexa digital assistant has now been introduced to the Amazon Music app, which means greater convenience in listening to your music.

Amazon Alexa will now play songs in the Amazon Music app on both Android and iOS. That's not to imply that Google just acted out against Amazon in revenge, but it would be foolish to think this didn't have something to do with Google's decision.

Amazon has ambitions to make it normal for people to control computers by voice - and to place orders for its online retail business by voice, too.

Virtual assistant devices have exploded in popularity since Amazon took the market by storm with its first Echo device.

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YouTube suddenly no longer available in Amazon Echo Show