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The SNES Classic Has Launched - And It Went Better Than Expected

01 October 2017

If you weren't able to get your hands on the console on launch day, don't panic: Nintendo has confirmed plans to continue distributing and selling the SNES Classic into 2018, with "subsequent shipments arriving in stores regularly". Not only did you likely have one in your room when you were young, it's probably making you wonder if you'll experience the same frustrations the last time a mini console was released by Nintendo. It sold out from pre-orders in mere minutes.

Best Buy - Best Buy was using a ticketing system to sell most of their SNES Classics, handing them out at 7am.

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The NES Classic Mini featured 30 games (although you could add more by hacking the machine), all accessible through a smart, easy-to-use scrollable menu system.

If you're sensing a trend, it's because the Japanese video game giant took a hit when their Wii U console didn't hit projected sales numbers. Plus, this one comes fully loaded with 21 games!

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Z over at GeekDad reviews the system in depth, and mentions that Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime has promised that production for the SNES Classic was increased to keep the system from being scarce. You can find the app in the app store with searching for just for "i4u". As previously stated, Star Fox 2 has never been released before. (You'll need to play the first level of the original "Star Fox" game to unlock the sequel). Either way, the overlap in the Venn diagram covering NES Classic owners and SNES Classic owners doesn't represent a massive number of people so far. Let us know in comments!

Nintendo did promise that there would be a much better supply of SNES Classic consoles than there were of the previous retro console, but that doesn't mean they are going to be easy to find.

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Bob Puzon, GameStop's VP of Merchandising, has already released a statement about the success of the SNES Classic launch and the possibility of finding one on shelves in the near future...

The SNES Classic Has Launched - And It Went Better Than Expected