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Tony Ferguson Praises His Own 'Genius' Fighting Style

08 October 2017

Finally gets himself settled in Vegas for the usual pre-fight media day obligations.

It just wouldn't be a UFC pay-per-view event in 2017 without a being on a wave of emotions at the morning weigh-ins.

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The local 25-year-old Lee opened as low as a plus-145 (risking $1 to win $1.45) underdog, with Ferguson coming back at minus-185 (risking $1.85 to win $1), before sustained action pushed up the prices. That being said, on the feet Ferguson does have the edge thanks to his excellent combinations and angles, together with an unpredictable flow and unrelenting offensive pressure that can at times lead to defensive gaps, but nonetheless has a tendency to overwhelm his opponents, who struggle to match his pace and output. "This just makes me want to live and fight harder".

Both men are riding lengthy win streaks to earn this interim title fight. "I really try to keep it real and I told him that he's a great athlete".

Kevin Lee will be taking on Tony Ferguson (October 7) in a fight which has sparked much controversy and debate within the MMA community over the past few months. He proved to possess an even wilder style than top contender Tony Ferguson, and the pair engaged in a brawl so exhilarating that it nearly defies description.

Borg is far better than most people understand and he'll be a contender for years to come, but he's going to get waxed here. Tony is a fighter who needs little introduction - just watch his long lineup of fights and you will instantly become a fan of the number two lightweight in the world. "So it's a insane one but my wife, she has a gut feeling and when she had a gut feeling for me to go to Big Bear to go and train and get out of the media and stuff, that was the smartest thing we could have did".

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"Which isn't fair to him!"

Call me insane, but I'm calling the upset.

That type of drop in the face of Ferguson's well-respected cardio fitness likely increases Lee's desire to pursue a knockout in the early rounds since the interim title fight is scheduled for five five-minute rounds. Wherever the fight may go, they both have a chip on their shoulder and it promises to be one hell of a fight. While Lee made weight on his second try, fellow lightweight Nik Lentz took ill during his attempt to make the scale Friday, and was removed from the card. She's been in big spots before (admittedly on the regional circuit) and had a couple extra days to get ready for this one.

The problem is that a fighter dying during a weight cut is all too real of a possibility. I fight for kids that come from similar [low-income] situations as me.

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Tony Ferguson Praises His Own 'Genius' Fighting Style