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How Smart Speakers Differ Pricewise

10 October 2017

It projects 360 sound out of its fabric enclosure and has LED status lights.

As well as the Home Mini, Google has launched the Home Max, a large multiroom-capable speaker with Assistant that is 20 times more powerful than the existing Home. It can also automatically tune to volume based on the type of audio that is fed out of the speakers, and increase or reduce the volume according to what's happening around it.

Both of the new speakers feature Google Assistant, Google's voice-activated personal assistant, for voice control and other functions.

Google Home Mini, the compact version of Google Home, allows users to talk to the Google Assistant for things like checking notifications, stream music, check calendar, search anything over internet, control your smart home, and much more.

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While the Home Mini is not meant to play back music like its larger sibling, it can be paired with any Chromecast speaker to provide the tunes you need.

The original Google Home is priced at $129. This is clearly the device that Google envisions competing with the likes of Apple's high-end HomePod and Amazon's Echo Plus. The Home Mini is covered in a new fabric-like material that was developed specifically for it. "Two custom 0.7" tweeters complete the package.

Max has the inventively named smart sound, which is exactly how it sounds.

The HomePod offers a similar experience for $50 less and arrives in December.

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Google also unveiled its Google Home Max, the larger version of the Home. The device supports 3.5mm audio jack as well. The Google Home Max also comes with a 12-month subscription for YouTube Red, which is a nice addition by Google. The device is available in Chalk and Charcoal colors. It will retail for $49 with online pre-orders starting today and U.S. in-store availability on October 19.

Google Home now has a premium big brother.

Elsewhere, Google Home is also getting a rather nifty feature in the form of hands-free calling.

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How Smart Speakers Differ Pricewise