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Microsoft Has Given Up On Trying to Make Windows Phones a Thing

10 October 2017

Companies and indie developers simply don't want to work on Windows Phone apps - a lot of them probably never cared in the first place. It means as a Windows 10 Mobile user you should not expect any new feature or upgrade in the future. It's just that Microsoft never confirmed it until recently. "But building new features/hw aren't the focus", posted Belfiore. Windows 10 Mobile is still supported and isn't "dead" as such. All bug fixes, security updated etc would be extended to all existing users.

'We regret to inform you that at the end of March, the app version you're using is no longer supported and you cannot send and receive messages.

But, Belfore is not the only senior executive of Microsoft who has jumped off the ship.

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Last month, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates outed himself as an Android user. It seems increasingly likely that Windows 10 Mobile is simply going through the motions until its scheduled retirement next October. But the mobile space is continuously evolving, and the user demands are also increasing. Two years later Microsoft wrote off $7.6 billion related to the purchase. The efforts to control the complete ecosystem of Windows Mobile by producing its own hardware and OS didn't pay off.

Note that this change only applies to the PC version of the OS. The company is estimated to have sold less than 1 million smartphones in 2016. Most of these workers had previously been employed by Nokia, which Microsoft had acquired back in 2014.

The company "gutted its phone business last year", the website says, which resulted in "thousands of job cuts". Instead, we think, from now on, the company is likely to focus on Android and iOS apps more than before.

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Belfiore also said that this slide in market share made it hard for Microsoft to maintain the support of developers, which has furthered its decline.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update's RTM build is build 16229.15, and it got released for Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring a few days ago. All this has led to Microsoft giving up on the Windows phone.

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Microsoft Has Given Up On Trying to Make Windows Phones a Thing