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Carney and new MPC colleagues throw doubt on interest rate hikes

18 October 2017

Carney noted that United Kingdom central bank's monetary policy is encouraging, and in future, United Kingdom economy could face various difficulties.

"The MPC will probably be focussed more on tomorrow's wage growth figures for any signs that domestic cost pressures are building", he said, predicting inflation will be back below 3% by the end of the year and will end 2018 at around 2.25%.

Michael Hewson, chief market analyst, at CMC Markets, said: "As it is several members of the MPC have signalled that rates could move in the coming months and while we're hearing some stark warnings about the risks of reversing last year's rate cut, the bond markets have already made the adjustment and already priced it in".

Silvana Tenreyro, the LSE professor who was appointed in June to replace known MPC "hawk" Kristin Forbes, said that as spare capacity in the economy is eroded, she will be minded to vote for tighter policy. She said she might vote for a rate rise as "we are approaching a tipping point" but said she was watching the economic data closely as "rasising rates too soon would be a costly mistake".

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The BoE has said most of its rate-setters think they will need to raise interest rates "in the coming months" to head off a build-up of inflation pressure.

Speaking in United Kingdom parliament, Carney said loss of value in pound since European Union (EU) referendum has caused inflation to increase, " infusion is potentially over 3 per cent of next months.

Speaking at the Treasury Select Committee this morning, Carney said he expected inflation could surpass 3% in the "next few weeks" and attributed it to the fall in sterling.

He said he anticipates having to write a letter to the Treasury explaining why inflation has risen above 3%.

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In UK, as of September, consumer price index has increased by 3 per cent, seeing its highest level since April 2012 year-on-year basis.

The Governor is likely to be questioned about inflation and interest rates by MPs.

Mr Carney was speaking minutes after the United Kingdom inflation rate for September was revealed to be 3 per cent, the highest for five years. The rate of inflation hit a five-year high in September, adding to expectations that the Bank of England will increase interest rates next month.

Also, there is a belief that the bank will lose credibility if once again it puts the market on notice for a rate hike and fails to deliver.

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Carney and new MPC colleagues throw doubt on interest rate hikes