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Xbox One Fall 2017 Update launching for everyone

18 October 2017

Microsoft has released the Xbox #One Fall #Update on October 16 with cool new features. As for the Guide, it's now faster and easier to use thanks to horizontal tabs that can be scrolled through using the left stick or bumpers. The biggest addition is of course the new home screen where every part is customisable.

A redesigned Guide makes it easier to see which friends are playing the same game as you, and it also provides access to tournaments and invitations.

Then there are blocks, a new way of organising your favourite games and friends. You can also now use up to 40 pins to further collect the bits and pieces you want to get to fast.

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You're even able to great new sections on the front welcome page which Microsoft is calling "blocks". The Xbox Arena tournament options also added new titles.

For the games that are receiving Xbox One X updates, you can pre-download these patches on Xbox One so that they're ready when Xbox One X launches on November 7.

The Game Hub and notification centre have too been touched up, with the former now serving up a welcome tab that gathers all content about the game in one page. Fortunately, the new Fall Update allows users to back up their games and settings onto an external hard drive. The Xbox One has now gone through three iterations of making their dashboard and general UI not feel like its losing a race to a bunch of snails, and the more streamlined third attempt is the best crack at it yet.

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Transfer your games to an external drive so you can connect it to your new console and play immediately.

Game blocks can include all sorts of stuff about the game. If you do have the bandwidth to perform high-definition streaming, you can upgrade your Mixer broadcast to support it. Each block-which can be a game, friend, Xbox Live Gold, or Xbox Game Pass-gives access to a range of related content. Friend blocks, for example, show recent achievements or Game DVR captures from your friends; Game blocks will give you info about game updates, your GameDVR captures, and so on.

Let's see how this update matches to the better together one, which was the previous major release.

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Xbox One Fall 2017 Update launching for everyone