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Man Arrested After Nine "Dismembered Bodies" Found in his Tokyo Apartment

01 November 2017

Local media reported that police first found two severed heads in coolers during a search Monday in Zama, where neighbors said they had noticed a foul odor emanating from the apartment, according to the Associated Press. Shiraishi allegedly told the police that he cut up the bodies in the bath, disposing of some body parts in the garbage.

Authorities had been investigating the disappearance of a 23-year-old woman and discovered a connection between her and Shiraishi.

"It was meant to hide the body that I killed and to hide evidence", he told the police.

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In total, the police found the bodies of eight women and one man in several large boxes in the apartment, according to the media.

The police arrested Shiraishi, whose occupation is unknown, on an initial charge of discarding a body. In 2005, a 36-year-old man in Osaka was arrested after killing three people he met through a suicide website, who believed he shared their desire to commit suicide, Kyodo reported at the time. She also is known to have corresponded with the man who lives in the residence, aged in his 20s, on at least one occasion on a site for people seeking to take their lives.

Police are will now use DNA analysis and dental records to identify the bodies.

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Police conducted the search after security camera footage showed Shiraishi walking with the woman, who has been missing from her Hachioji home since earlier this month, near JR Hachioji Station and near the Odakyu Line's Sobudaimae Station near his home on October 23.

The woman was captured by a surveillance camera walking with the man in Zama near Sobudai-mae Station on the Odakyu Line, the police said.

A neighbour revealed a vile odour had been coming from the apartment for months before the gruesome find.

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"I thought it smelled like sewage", the neighbor said. "With no notable fluctuations, the homicide rate in Japan has decreased steadily since 1955 to reach one of the lowest levels in the world", the report says. He was sentenced to death two years later.

Man Arrested After Nine