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Multiple people dead following collision, explosion on Highway 400

02 November 2017

"There's a huge environmental spill as well, with fuel that was leaking and burning at the scene".

A number of people died in a 14-vehicle collision on a highway in Ontario, Canada, late on Tuesday, October 31, local police said.

Two fuel tanker trucks were involved in the crash, which occurred just before 11:30 the northbound lanes of Highway 400, causing a massive fire and several explosions.

He said that "twisted transport trucks, destroyed vehicles and metal that is unrecognizable as to whether it is even a vehicle" now litter the roadway of a scene that is nearly "apocalyptic".

Patterson said that the coroner would be able to "bring in the best and brightest" from across the province to study the increase in collisions involving commercial vehicles.

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"It is absolutely devastating. I don't think I've been to a scene that was as incredibly devastating as what this is", he told CP24 on Wednesday morning.

Luba Zariczny, 25, said she felt the heat from the flames from the other side of the highway as she drove past the crash on her way home to Mississauga, Ont.

"I felt a lot of heat coming off it and just a lot of cars burnt up and people just off to the side".

"That to me is a reminder that we have to do whatever we can and work with whomever possible in order to prevent this from happening", he said. You're going to want to get off as early as you can.

Provincial police said last week that since January 1, they have tracked more than 5,000 transport truck-related collisions that have left 67 people dead.

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'I'm still shaking. I can't believe what I saw, ' he said to CBC Toronto. "People were running for their lives to not be encompassed by the moving fire that was on the highway". Emergency crews had to let the fire burn itself out, and water had to be trucked in because there were no fire hydrants in the area.

The victims have not yet been identified and first responders are searching the scene for more potential casualties. "The heat must have been incredible".

All lanes on Highway 400 are closed northbound and southbound between Highways 88 and 89.

The cause of the collision is still under investigation, but Schmidt said the initial reports indicate that a transport truck may have collided into slowing traffic.

At the time, Hawkes said that while most transport truck drivers utilize caution on the roads a small percentage don't and are essentially travelling in "ticking time bombs". Police charged three truckers October 26 in three separate accidents involving commercial transport trucks crashing into stopped traffic.

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Multiple people dead following collision, explosion on Highway 400