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Lamborghini Unveils All-Electric Terzo Millennio Concept Car

08 November 2017

Lamborghini is mum about the energy density required from supercapacitors to deliver enough storage to power a vehicle like the Terzo Millennio, but it said that using body panels and other parts of the auto to act as improvised energy storage panels may be the key. Along with this, the body can also be used as the energy storage medium and comes with self-healing feature (small cracks and dents).

The "third millennium" electric vehicle, unveiled today, fuses cutting-edge technology with classic Lamborghini visuals, performance, and "the visceral emotion" of the luxury Italian brand. We are inspired by embracing what is impossible today to craft the realities of tomorrow: Lamborghini must always create the dreams of the next generation. There's even a "deep investigation" into how the Terzo Millennio could sound like a proper Lamborghini.

What's more, the Terzo Millennio chassis is made from carbon fibre that is said to self "heal" and identify and fix small cracks from forming, preventing larger cracks from destroying bodywork.

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It was 12 months ago when Lamborghini and MIT started their mission to "rewrite the rules on super sports cars" for the future.

In terms of energy, Lamborghini noted the importance of veering away from gasoline engines to electric systems. "We'll have three scientists working full time on making these new materials, testing them, and collaborating with Lamborghini", said MIT Professor Mircea Dinca, who will direct one of the labs.

Then there's the Terzo Millennio's "self-healing" capability, as the auto is supposed to be able to detect cracks and carbon fibre damage, and fix itself with "via micro-channels filled with healing chemistries".

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It also represents the first solid step toward a future all-electric supercar from Lamborghini, although CEO Stefano Domenicali told journalists in March at the 2017 Geneva motor show that future may be some ways off.

Smack in the middle of congested Boston, Massachusetts is far from where I imagine myself when I think about hanging out with the Lamborghini team.

New Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Concept has received a futuristic body design, which is characterized by high parameters of aerodynamics. To keep the weight down, the monocoque is built using Lamborghini's Forged Composite technology. Much like self-healing paint on some Infiniti models, the resin, which forms the glue holding the carbonfibre together, will detect and fix cracks in the material substructure, eliminating the risk of a structural crack then forming from it.

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Lamborghini Unveils All-Electric Terzo Millennio Concept Car