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Here's How to Fix That Weird iPhone Glitch

09 November 2017

However, the virtual card only works to send money or pay for things via Apple Pay.

But some took offence at the suggestion, saying that users shouldn't have to learn to work around a bug that shouldn't have been there in the first place. Based on personal experience, though, you'd be wise to make sure Siri understands that you're saying $15 instead of $50 before you let the cash go. That prevents a thief from sending cash. The Message app then shows Apple Pay as a suggestion where it usually predicts the next word the user should type. Once that's done, you can then head down and pick it up.

Apple is working on it and has said another fix will be issued soon.

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You'll need to have at least $10 in your account to use it, and two-factor authentication needs to be enabled.

Apple Pay Cash gets its funds from the existing debit and credit cards that you have set up in Apple's Wallet app, and while paying with the former is completely free, Apple will charge an "industry standard" fee for credit cards.

For now, the beta is available for U.S. customers only with iOS 11.2 devices. If you're not comfortable with pre-release software, you might want to hold off for now. Send money for books to your son in college. Send and receive from across the table - or across the country. Within week's period, you can transfer up to $20,000 to your bank.

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Apple's entry into the crowded mobile person-to-person payments market is now available to iPhone users as part of a beta for an upcoming version of iOS, according to multiple media reports.

The most-awaited peer-to-peer money transfer feature is been introduced in iOS 11.2 beta 2 right in the messages app. This new variant of Apple Pay will now allow you to pay friends, family and phone contacts with an iMessage alone.

"We see this a great enhancement to those interactions by simply being able to pay each other using Messages and the payments capability that's we've built into iOS (with) Apple Pay", Bailey says.

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Here's How to Fix That Weird iPhone Glitch