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Kevin Spacey Being Removed From Upcoming Film

10 November 2017

Kevin Spacey is to be edited out of a completed film just weeks before its scheduled release.

Spacey, who was late oil tycoon John Paul Getty in the film, will be replaced by Christopher Plummer. Scott is also determined to to keep the film's December 22 release date. It's not an entirely impossible task to redo his scenes, as much of the film focuses on Michelle Williams as Gail Harris and Mark Wahlberg as Fletcher Chase, Getty's assistant. He will be replaced by Christopher Plummer.

"All the Money in the World" relives the events surrounding the kidnapping of John Paul Getty's 16-year old grandson and the boy's mother's effort to convince the billionaire to pay the ransom, which he didn't.

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Plummer is also closer to the correct age for the role. Imperative Entertainment financed the film, and Friedkin and Thomas produced along with Scott Free's Scott and Kevin J. Walsh, Quentin Curtis and Chris Clark. The studio additionally pulled the film from what would have been an Oscar-bait slot at the American Film Institute's November film festival.

Heather Unruh wiped back tears when she told the story of how the actor bought her 18-year-old son many drinks at a restaurant in Nantucket on July 2016, then touched him inappropriately.

All the Money in the World was already a surprise entry into this year's awards race, as Scott only shot the film earlier this year on the heels of finishing Alien: Covenant.

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The claims against Spacey span from the mid-1980s to past year.

He apologized on October 30 to actor Anthony Rapp, the first person to accuse Spacey of sexual assault.

Netflix, which produces the political drama House of Cards in which Spacey was the star, dismissed him from the show last week, after CNN reported that eight current or former House of Cards workers claimed Spacey made the production a "toxic" workplace and one ex-employee alleged the actor sexually assaulted him.

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Kevin Spacey Being Removed From Upcoming Film