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UK Parliament to vote on final Brexit deal before Britain leaves EU

15 November 2017

Lawmakers from both main parties have been pushing for Parliament to have a greater say in the process, with some tabling amendments to the government's Brexit bill that aim to prevent Britain tumbling out of the trading bloc without a deal.

The EU Withdrawal Bill, which formally converts all European Union (EU) legislation into United Kingdom law to ensure complete clarity on Brexit day "March 29, 2019", returns for a line by line scrutiny by lawmakers in what is referred to as the committee stage of the bill.

David Davis also said if the United Kingdom and European Union can't agree a withdrawal deal, there will simply be no withdrawal deal bill; the United Kingdom is still on track to leave the European Union whether the deal is approved or not.

On the eve of the debate, the government made an apparent concession to rebels by promising a separate piece of legislation that would allow parliament to have a binding vote on any Brexit agreement.

"This confirms that the major policy set out in the withdrawal agreement will be directly implemented into United Kingdom law by primary legislation, not by secondary legislation with the Withdrawal Bill".

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"This agreement will only hold if Parliament approves it".

On Tuesday and Wednesday, MPs will begin to scrutinise and attempt to amend the withdrawal bill, formerly known as the Great Repeal Bill, which aims to transfer European Union law onto the domestic statute books after Britain formally leaves the bloc in March 2019. "In spring 2019 Britain will leave".

"And also offers no safeguard if no deal is reached".

She posted on Twitter: "Pointless if we have enshrined a drop dead date in the Bill, & get a deal at 11th hour!"

Antoinette Sandbach told the Press Association: "The announcement is meaningless if, for any reason, the timetable slips beyond March 2019".

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More than 400 amendments have been tabled to the EU Withdrawal Bill, which is created to convert EU law into United Kingdom legislation by the end of March 2019.

"Clearly this is an attempt to see off amendments that go much further than David Davis on a "meaningful vote" - it is vital the EU Withdrawal Bill is amended to provide for a proper not a fake meaningful vote before any exit day", he added.

Keir Starmer, Labour's chief Brexit spokesman, said the proposal was "a significant climbdown from a weak government on the verge of defeat".

Meanwhile, former Tory constitution minister John Penrose welcomed the Government's stronger pledge on a parliamentary vote, but expressed continuing concerns over the use of so-called "Henry VIII powers" as provided by the EU Withdrawal Bill.

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UK Parliament to vote on final Brexit deal before Britain leaves EU