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European researchers claim to have identified North Korea's list of targets

24 November 2017

The U.S. has opened a bold new assault on North Korea's nuclear-and-missile program with a one-two punch designating the North as a "state sponsor of terror" and then imposing new sanctions. In its first reaction to President Trump's designation, a spokesman for North Korea's Foreign Ministry called the decision as a serious provocation.

President Trump has made it quite clear that he wants to "totally destroy" the regime in North Korea, boldly stating just that at a United Nations speech in September.

Analysts doubt if these measures will result in immediate capitulation of the regime of Kim Jong-Un to give up its nukes and missiles but hope that intensifying pressure may eventually leave him with no choice but to bow to the will of a broad array of nations demanding he stop threatening the world with death and destruction.

North Korea Blasts US Terrorism Blacklisting

China, the North's sole ally, rejected the new sanctions as "wrong" on Wednesday.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the latest sanctions shows "we are steadfast in our determination to maximize economic pressure to isolate it from outside sources of trade and revenue".

Sudan announced last week that it would end trade and military ties with North Korea, while Egypt, Uganda, Philippines, Mexico, Peru, Kuwait and Spain expelled North Korean diplomats in September following the country's sixth nuclear test.

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It said the US action shows North Korea should continue to "keep the treasured nuclear sword in our hands more tightly" to protect itself from American hostility.

"[We] strongly rejected the unilateral and arbitrary lists and designations established by the US government which serve as a basis for the implementation of coercive measures which are contrary to worldwide law", Parrilla said in a statement.

This continues a trend in which US-North Korea relations appear to send a lot of mixed messages.

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Experts say the USA decision to put North Korea back on its terrorism blacklist will have limited practical effect, but may make a diplomatic solution of the standoff over its nuclear weapons program more hard.

Some analysts say Tuesday's move by the USA administration of President Donald Trump is unlikely to deter the North from pursuing nuclear capabilities, and will only push any potential dialogue over de-nuclearisation further away.

In the country's first public response to its return to the American blacklist, the official Korean Central News Agency said North Korea has no connection to terrorism and does not care "whether the USA puts a cap of "terrorism" on us or not".

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European researchers claim to have identified North Korea's list of targets