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Russian intercept of US Navy plane causes 'violent turbulence'

29 November 2017

At its closest point, the Russian fighter came within 50 feet of the USA jet.

Russian and USA aircraft regularly come into contact in worldwide airspace. This maneuver caused the Americans to fly through the Flanker's jet wash and resulted in the crew experiencing "violent turbulence".

"After moving closer, the Russian [Su-30] fighter jet flew over the object and visually identified it as an American reconnaissance aircraft Р8А Poseidon", the statement reads.

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Lt. Col. Michelle Baldanza told the outlet that a Russian Su-30 intercepted a U.S. P-8A Poseidon aircraft over the Black Sea by crossing in front of it from right to left while engaging its afterburners.

"The US aircraft was operating in worldwide airspace and did nothing to provoke this Russian behavior".

This isn't the first hairy encounter between US and Russian aircrafts.

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The tense incident occurred when the Russian Su-30 flew in front of the U.S. plane from left to right, causing it to enter its jet wash and roll 15 degrees.

According to the Pentagon, the Russian fighter swooped in to follow the USA aircraft while in worldwide airspace-an acceptable precaution after identifying a foreign jet, even though the P-8A had its transponders on.

Russian military confirmed Tuesday that its warplane drove away a U.S. Navy aircraft last week over the Black Sea.

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Russian intercept of US Navy plane causes 'violent turbulence'