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Microsoft Reveals Multibillion-Dollar Upgrade Plan For Redmond Campus

30 November 2017

Microsoft announced today a massive extension project for its Redmond-based campus, which has been the company's home since 1986.

Once complete, the campus will have 131 buildings, compared with today's 125 buildings, and will offer workspace for the 47,000 employees who now work there, plus room for an additional 8,000 people.

Microsoft is planning the most drastic change to their Redmond campus since 2006.

It's unclear if Microsoft will actually add 8,000 new employees to its Redmond campus or use the expansion, in part, to consolidate some of its Puget Sound area employees in about 45 other buildings.

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The campus remodel will be built for pedestrians and bikes with all cars in an underground parking facility. Microsoft said this will foster creativity and innovation.

The project is slated to take around five to seven years to complete and, according to Bloomberg, will cost multiple billions.

With the announcement, Microsoft is seeking to match the workplace upgrades many of its biggest rivals are pursuing.

The growth plan marks a continued shift away from the car-dependent campus of the last 30 years, made possible by the 2023 arrival of a light rail line that will make travelling to and from the campus without a auto easier than ever.

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Microsoft's office is getting a makeover. The multiyear project is Microsoft's largest redevelopment to date, it said.

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), meanwhile, has built over the last decade a dense, a high-rise urban campus that has completely transformed Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood, and more recently, the northern edge of downtown.

The renovation will see the iconic X-shaped buildings of Bill Gates' Microsoft era go.

Microsoft's modern campus overhaul isn't as futuristic as the Apple Park, but the company says it's a major step forward for its culture, substantially expanding its headquarters with modern workplaces and creating 2,500 construction and development jobs in the area. The campus will also be connected to WA-520 on both sides and it will tie into the future Redmond Technology Transit Station linking the campus to Link Light Rail in 2023.

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The company has already been renovating some buildings on campus to add open work spaces, gathering places and small conference rooms - a feel that fits with the trend sweeping the tech industry.

Microsoft Reveals Multibillion-Dollar Upgrade Plan For Redmond Campus