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First (and last) supermoon of 2017 is coming

03 December 2017

It won't be quite as bright as the last supermoon on November 14, 2016, when the moon was closer to Earth than at any time in almost 69 years.

That's when the moon is full and illuminated at the same time it comes closest to the Earth during its orbit.

Unusual astronomical phenomenon called the Supermoon, or perigee moon.The orbit of the moon around the Earth in form is not a flawless circle, and a few stretches.

The moon will become totally full on Sunday, and will be visible in the New York City sky between Sunday night and Monday morning. "Sometimes during the year we get an opportunity to see the full moon when it is at its closest point and that's what we'll be seeing on December 3". Hence, for those in the Northern hemisphere, it is a cold supermoon.

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It's worth noting that a supermoon technically occurs during a new moon, too, but that phenomenon usually isn't referred to as a supermoon since new moons are not visible in the night sky.

But the astronomer warned that as use of the nickname "supermoon" grows, so do expectations.

You'll be able to watch the supermoon starting on Sunday Dec. 3.

If you aren't able to observe this weekend's supermoon, don't worry: The new year kicks off with two supermoons straight from the gate.

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Just to be clear, the supermoon is only the moon-there will be no eclipse and no colors. Even more so if it's a supermoon.

This optical illusion also occurs when watching the supermoon immediately after sunset (or before sunrise).

The moon will be roughly 10,000 miles closer to Earth on Sunday evening, creating our first and only Supermoon of the year.

Supermoon Sunday is at hand, and although some may scoff, the supermoon concept provides a good excuse to take a close look at a celestial sight we often take for granted.

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First (and last) supermoon of 2017 is coming