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Portal Returns…. As A Bridge Construction Simulator?

08 December 2017

A console version for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One will follow in "early 2018".

Bridge Constructor Portal, as the name suggests, combines gameplay from Bridge Constructor and Portal.

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Portal has gone all over the place, from the darkest depths of Aperture Science to outer space, briefly. Luckily, Portal is making a return, but by means of Bridge Constructor. It's called Bridge Constructor Portal and it puts you right back in Aperture Labs, together with GLaDOS who has chose to run tests in vehicle-based test chambers because. well, why not?

If you wanted to know how unpopular this announcement was, look no further than the video below, which has its like/dislike ratio turned off on YouTube, and the top comment is "please valve make an apologize for your existence". Those mechanics have found a sizable audience, as Bridge Constructor has surpassed more than a million copies sold.

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I admit, I've never really understood the enduring popularity of bridge-building sims, but this is at least a somewhat interesting use of the Portal license.

It's a 2.5D platform puzzle, where you will have build bridges to get a bunch of trucks from point A to point B. You have to avoid traps, pits, turrets, and anything else that GLaDOS has in store for you by employing the famous Portal gun and other items from the previously established Aperture Labs universe. I honestly couldn't tell you. If the game piques your interest, Headup Games says that Bridge Constructor Portal will launch on December 20 for PC, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices. In it, players construct spans and supports to allow traffic to flow from one part of the level to another.

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Portal Returns…. As A Bridge Construction Simulator?