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Senator Al Franken announces resignation: Celebs, politicians react

10 December 2017

A seventh woman accuses Franken of sexual misconduct. - Tina Dupuy, a Manhattan-based writer and former Democratic congressional staffer, who said Franken groped her in 2009.

The senator said he would fully cooperate with a Senate Ethics Committee investigation, which Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) called for following the allegations. "After experiencing many vile and partisan personal attacks on my credibility since I went public, I don't blame these women one bit".

Dupuy authored the first-person account, "I Believe Franken's Accusers Because He Groped Me, Too", in The Atlantic on Wednesday, the day before Franken announced on the Senate floor that he would resign in the "coming weeks".

Tweeden also posted an image of Franken pretending to cup her covered breasts on a plane ride as she slept. He hasn't weighed in on Franken since November 16, when he wrote "the Al Frankenstien [sic] picture is really bad, speaks a thousand words".

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"I didn't do this to have him step down". I want to thank the women of the United States Senate who stood up yesterday and said this can not continue. "I do think it's the right thing for him to do to set a precedent for the democrats that we are going to take the higher ground". I froze. Then he squeezed.

"I definitely wanted more answers today", she said. "I was excited for that conversation and hopeful that it would result in real change that made life better for women all across the country and in every part of our society".

"A couple months ago, I felt that we had entered an important moment in the history of this country", Franken said in his announcement. Instead, he talked about his own feelings, saying, "This has been a tough few weeks for me".

"He's taking no ownership, and I just feel that he's calling all of us liars", she said.

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Noting seven other women subsequently came forward with allegations of Franken's misconduct, Tweeden said it is "between those women and God, who's lying".

"It doesn't make me feel good but I would use that word", Tweeden added.

Franken further argued that there is "irony" in his resignation as President Donald Trump sits in the Oval Office and Roy Moore runs for Senate in Alabama. If he is innocent as he claims (he says some of the allegations were untrue and he remembers the rest differently than his accusers) and if he is as confident that the Ethics Committee would vindicate him as he says, he shouldn't be resigning.

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Senator Al Franken announces resignation: Celebs, politicians react