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Google Maps now gives real-time notifications, live guidance

12 December 2017

There is a significant difference in the estimated travel time (ETA) for the motorcycle mode of travel in Google Maps compared to any other mode. It would seem that Google has taken this in stride, and will roll out an update that makes it easier for the millions of commuters using alternative transportation.

If you press it, you'll begin getting updates on your journey.

It's hoped that Google Maps can prevent a few tired warriors and tricked tourists from skipping a stop, then doubling back or perhaps a long, brisk walk with new notification prompts telling users how far along their public transit trip they are. An unconfirmed information said that the updates will also be displayed on Android lock screen, Tech Crunch reported.

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The idea isn't really new actually. This will become more useful if you're riding a train or bus.

When you search for directions on Maps, you'll soon be able to tap a Start button towards the bottom of the screen, reports TechCrunch.

As any recent transplant to New York City can tell you, smartphone apps are vital for finding your way around the city until you get a hang of the subway system.

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These notifications will be shown even if your phone is locked. They are interactive so you can easilly scroll through the alerts.

"While Google Maps always did a good job of giving you detailed transit directions (though it's often nowhere as good and useful as CityMapper's more detailed directions), the process generally involved keeping track of your own progress along the route", he wrote.

Not all updates are positive of course - Google had to withdraw its calorie burning counter - but hopefully, the upcoming changes will be better received.

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Google Maps now gives real-time notifications, live guidance