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The Nintendo Switch Has Reached 10 Million in Sales

13 December 2017

The company said on Tuesday the Nintendo Switch - one part mobile, one part home console - has sold 10 million units since its March 2017 launch.

Current Switch sales in just the last 9 months have even seen it surpass the total sales of the Wii-U in that consoles entire lifespan. Nintendo has claimed, according to the report, that the projected sales for the first year could be to the tune of 16.7 million which would be more than 3 million units sold in the first year of Nintendo Wii.

The numbers are especially promising for Nintendo, which experienced severe supply chain issues during the console's first few months and struggled to meet demand.

Nintendo HQ Visit

In October, Nintendo increased Switch shipment projections for the year ending March 2018, pushing the estimate up from 10 million to 14 million units.

For starters, the Switch is a simple concept that's well executed. What makes the Nintendo Switch stand out is that the device is two-fold. It's a portable game console!

First, it can let the player either play games on it as a handheld like a Game Boy Advance.

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Here's the Nintendo Switch in the dock, connected to a TV.

Have you picked up a Nintendo Switch yet?

The Wii U, on the other hand, was a mess. Nintendo's main competitors, Sony and Microsoft, released their most recent game consoles - the PS4 and Xbox One - on November 15, 2013 and November 22, 2013 respectively. Nintendo's strategy coming in was to load up on [games], such as Mario and Zelda, which help carry hardware sales for several holidays.

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The only place you could play any of the games above - with the exception of "Breath of the Wild", which could also be played on Wii U - is on a Switch. This year we have seen Stardew Valley, Minecraft, Doom, Skyrim, LA Noire, Rayman Legends, Disgaea 5, WWE 2K18, Street Fighter II, NBA 2K18, Federation Internationale de Football Association 18, Resident Evil, Rocket League, Batman: The Telltale Series, Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle from Ubisoft and many more third party games be released on the Switch so you can play them anywhere.

In regards to the company's remarks on Switch games that were previously unavailable on the console, fans could also see the likes of Devil May Cry or even Dino Crisis grace the machine in the near future.

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The Nintendo Switch Has Reached 10 Million in Sales