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How someone stole a family's Christmas Grinch

20 December 2017

A 5-year-old boy decided he wasn't going to let anybody steal his Christmas this year.

On Saturday, TyLon called 911 to report the Grinch's crimes to local police, alleging that the creature was attempting to steal presents from children before Christmas.

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"Watch out for the Grinch, because the Grinch is going to steal Christmas, OK?"

TeDera Dwayne Graves II wrote in a post on Facebook.

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"I'm looking for a little boy who was watching 'The Grinch, '" Officer Lauren Develle explained. He had seen a clip from the animated classic, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" - and was determined to ensure that Byram's finest were on the case. Charred Elf on the Shelf goes out in blaze of the ovenFearful that the Grinch would take his Christmas, Pittman apparently took it as fact, but the 911 operator and the police department took it a step further.

Pittman then called TyLon to the door where the grinning officer stood. The video of the endearing interaction between the little boy and Officer Develle quickly went viral. Byram's police chief, Luke Thompson, encouraged him to return when he was 21 to apply to become an official part of the force. They weren't alone - the police department was so amused by Tylon's call, they chose to have a little fun.

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"I want y'all to come back to my house and take him to jail", TyLon said simply. "You have saved the day", The Clarion-Ledger reported.

How someone stole a family's Christmas Grinch