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The Pentagon has confirmed its $22M program to investigate UFOs

21 December 2017

A new report from NY Times has revealed that the USA government assigned millions of dollars for a secret program called The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. The program was begun in 2007 under the oversight of Senator (and then Majority Leader) Harry Reid, and ostensibly shut down by the Defense Department in 2012.

Although the government ceased funding the program in 2012, it still remains operational. I think it's one of the good things I did in my congressional service. Elizondo and others maintain that despite the absence of government funding, the program has continued its research, with help from the Navy and Central Intelligence Agency.

One of the reasons the Pentagon funded the program, according to a Congressional staffer who spoke with the outlet, was that officials believed the aircraft might actually be ultra high-tech products of China or Russian Federation that warranted further examination.

The Times even obtained a video, courtesy of the Department of Defense, showing a 2004 event in which a "whitish oval object" was chased by two F/A-18F fighter jets off the coast of San Diego.

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The former director of the program told the paper that he worked with officials from the Navy and Central Intelligence Agency from his office in the Pentagon until this past October, when he resigned in protest. As part of his decision to leave the Pentagon, he not only sought the release of videos but also penned a letter to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis complaining that a potential security threat was being ignored.

Bigelow told the Times that, "Internationally, we are the most backward country in the world on this issue".

"I left to find an environment where investigating these phenomena is priority number one", he said.

In a recent interview, Reid defended the program and its spending. Reid said prior to the program, astronaut and former senator John Glenn told him that the government should be taking UFOs and mysterious sightings more seriously.

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One of the major officials of this project was Luis Elizondo who has now joined the "To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science" which is run by Blink-182's Tom DeLonge.

Some in the field are more cautious of reports, pointing out to the Times that just because something is unidentified, doesn't mean it's extraterrestrial. Although unusual phenomena is "worth investigating seriously", there are phenomena found in science that can not be explained, she added. But, she added, "what people sometimes don't get about science is that we often have phenomena that remain unexplained".

Bigelow is "currently working with NASA to produce expandable craft for humans to use in space", according to the NY Times.

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The Pentagon has confirmed its $22M program to investigate UFOs