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Apple Not Happy With Clothing Company Using The Name Steve Jobs

30 December 2017

They are the owners of the company "Steve Jobs", a clothing and accessory line named after Apple's iconic founder.

An Italian clothing company has won the right to use the name of Apple co-founder, the late Steve Jobs.

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La Repubblica Napoli reports that the brother realised Apple had failed to trademark its founder's name, Steve Jobs, and decided to make use of the opportunity. The brothers told Business Insider that as aspiring innovators, they hoped to name their company after the most excellent innovator, Steve Jobs.

Apple is known for being in court a lot.

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The arguments in court revolved around the use by the brothers of the Apple trademark. But then, there is a chunk bitten off of it just as with the Apple logo. The company's logo is a large J with a bite taken out of the left side, in a not-so-subtle reference to the Apple logo you know and love.

To rub more salt in Apple's fresh wound, the brothers also plan to release their own line of electronics as well under the same name. Well, now those different-thinking chickens have come home to roost as Apple has to sit back and watch Steve Jobs jeans take Europe by storm. The court decided that the brothers could use the "bite" mark on the "J" was not a bite because letters are not edible. They had spent years designing clothing products for other brand names, but they chose to begin the process of setting up their own clothing company after becoming fed up with producing products for others.

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As Apple had never filed up for a Steve Jobs trademark up until 2012, the Italian duo found itself a business opportunity, because let's be real - who would have thought that a CEO's name has to be trademarked.

Apple Not Happy With Clothing Company Using The Name Steve Jobs