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Instagram will now include 'recommended posts' in your feeds

31 December 2017

Instagram will make the recommendations based on posts liked by other accounts that you do follow.

So, how does Instagram determine which posts will appear in the Recommended for You section? The section is comprised of three to five posts that Instagram thinks would interest you.

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If your friends liked something on photo-sharing social network Instagram, it might now show up on your feed - even if you do not follow that particular person.

This latest change to Instagram feeds is set to deliver lots of fresh content to users. "Hiding" the posts will not permanently remove them from the main feed but it will hide them until the user has gone through all of the posts from accounts they are actually following. However, according to a report by TechCrunch, users will see these recommended posts while browsing through their news feed rather than seeing just the posts from the users they follow.

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Instagram is making a huge change to the way users experience the service by introducing "Recommended" posts into their personal feeds. It will appear after the user has watched all the posts in the feed.

Dear Instagram, the only thing I want recommended to me on my feed are my friend's photos iN THE ORDER THEY WERE POSTED IN! Is it something you're going to use or are you going to hide the option?

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When you find a hashtag you like, open the hashtag page and tap on the following button. On a related note, Instagram few days ago rolled out a new feature to boost its Live Video engagement. After the injection of this feature, users who are scrolling through their timeline will not only see the posts from the accounts they are following with ads but will be able to see the posts and videos from their wider social circle too. Nonetheless, Instagram has already started rolling out the new update and it's just a matter of time before you start seeing it on your feed.

Instagram will now include 'recommended posts' in your feeds