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Khloe Kardashian will reveal baby's gender on family TV show

05 January 2018

As you know, I've rushed quite a few things before, so right now I'm so loving the place I am in my life and I'm just happy with how things are going.

The mama-to-be told Ellen DeGeneres how her boyfriend and baby daddy Tristan has been "super supportive" of her throughout her pregnancy.

But even before Khloe reveals her baby's gender, multiple sources have previously confirmed with PEOPLE that she and Tristan Thompson are having a boy.

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When the host asked her directly if her sister was also with child, Khloe responded, "What do you mean..."

It's obvious that she's completely besotted with her cookie-munching boyfriend - who already has a 12-month-old baby with his ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig - but there are no plans to tie the know anytime soon.

As of yet, Kylie Jenner and her team have remained completely silent regarding all speculation to her rumoured pregnancy.

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Khloé is 6 months pregnant and looking better than ever, joking with Renee that her glow is "just ferocious highlighter".

Since sharing her news Khloe says she's been inundated with parenting advice from her siblings Kourtney, Kim and Rob, though admits that most of it is "unwanted".

Then came talk about her not appearing in the family Christmas card.

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'I think once people know you're pregnant, you get all the excuses.

'I just wanted to do something myself and write something that was heartfelt for me, ' Khloe motivated her keeping the news a secret for such an extended period of time. 'Then for a girl, I don't know where to begin'. See more on Kardashian's pregnancy in the video below. Despite that, the KUWTK crew kept filming her learning about her pregnancy and keeping the news from the rest of her family members. Hah!

What reality show family is in the middle of a baby boom?

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The Reality TV star revealed during the Kardashian Khristmas bash that she's 6 months pregnant.

Khloe Kardashian will reveal baby's gender on family TV show