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Nvidia unveils 65-inch 4K gaming monitors

09 January 2018

This addresses one of the biggest compromises gamers have had to make in going up in screen size.

At the CES show in Las Vegas, nVidia has unveiled a new range of 65-inch, 4K-resolution monitors which it calls Big Format Gaming Displays (BFGDs).

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At a desk, it's unlikely you'd be able to view the entirety of this monitor without a lot of head movement. This will make playing games through your computer or Google Play a breeze on your fancy new 65-inch 4K screen.

The integration of the Android TV-based SHIELD into BFGDs allows gamers to easily switch between gaming and other forms of entertainment. G-SYNC HDR technology also supports video playback at native framerates, including popular 23.976, 24 and 25 FPS formats. These pack in nearly everything you could want: 4K, HDR, and 120 Hz support with 1,000-nit peak luminance and DCI-P3 color gamut. The first OEMs to announce G-Sync BFGDs are Asus with the ROG Swift PG65 and Acer with the Predator BFGD. This means that gamers will now have access to most of the Android games. The Shield functionality which was previously only available as a separate box optimizes the display for broader application.

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As HotHardware reports, Acer isn't sharing details about the Predator BFG pricing or a release date. The displays are packed with embedded technology including NVIDIA's G-SYNC technology, which eliminates screen tearing and built-in Shield functionality. Nope the feature list of the BFGD doesn't stop there, insane I know, it also has (like most things at CES) Google Assistant built-in, so basically you just yell at the screen and cool stuff happens. As there's nothing really novel inside this gaming monitor I doubt we'll be waiting long before it appears for sale. If you game on an Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, it's certainly a tempting offer, especially as it boasts support for HDR.

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Nvidia unveils 65-inch 4K gaming monitors