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Shilpa Shinde's Emotional Breakdown At The Press Conference

11 January 2018

We have entered the last week of Bigg Boss 11, and viewers can expect a lot more drama in these last few days of the show.

As the contestants move into the activity area, they are greeted by the Press who have been waiting to interrogate and cross question their actions.

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The two were seen discussing in an unseen video how the mall voting has worked in favour of Shilpa as she's from Maharashtra.

In tomorrow's episode, our favourite contestant Arshi Khan will enter the house. A heated session of interrogation and cross questioning followed.

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The king of reality television shows, Bigg Boss is garnering more fans with a super exciting season 11. Puneesh Sharma's loyalty towards his allies in the house was questioned by the media, but he tried his best to prove that his friendship is, in fact, true and real.

During the press session, Shilpa cleared her stance on being the "Maa" of the house and taking whole charge of the kitchen.

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This week all the housemates, Akash, Puneesh, Hina, Shilpa, and Vikas are nominated and one of them will get eliminated on Wednesday. But the fact is that Hina Khan also not sure that she would be the victor. Shilpa slams Hina to Puneesh, calls her Namak Haram. By the time the press conference ended, it brought out myriad emotions with all different contestants leaving the conference displaying a different emotion! Akash parts ways with a performance of "Bigg Boss Ka Ghar"; Shilpa is in a heap of tears, Hina is in a fit of anger, Puneesh is all smiles, while Vikas has maintained his calm composure. Now, self-proclaimed critic KRK took to Facebook to make some comments that will definitely not be liked by Hina. All they have is a week to change, alter their game, behaviour, strategy and their fates!

Shilpa Shinde's Emotional Breakdown At The Press Conference