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Google acquired speaker tech startup past year

12 January 2018

Redux had managed to raise a total of $5 Million prior to the acquisition but the company has not revealed how much it paid to acquire the startup.

Redux's website is now dead. Google might also use the acquisition to improve its future handsets' haptic feedback. According to regulator filings, the shares of Redux' holding company were transferred to Alphabet in early December previous year. The company could conceivably use the HTC team's expertise with Redux's technology to reduce speakers, create more room inside its smartphone cases, and create different-looking devices.

Redux's site has been taken down since the acquisition, but thanks to the magic of the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, we can see some of the details behind the startup. The sound quality is said to be "decent".

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Google has already removed the headphone jack from the its latest Pixel phone, now it looks as though the company is heading in a direction where it will be able to send the speaker packing too.

Some of Redux's tech has already appeared in PCs and vehicle infotainment systems. For instance, the iPhone X and a couple of other bezel-less smartphones like the Mi Mix have strategically relocated hardware like the mic and the earpiece in order to accommodate the larger display.

United Kingdom tech startup Redux has been acquired by technology giant Google. According to its LinkedIn page, Redux has been 78 granted patents, over 50 pending patent applications, and global engagement with leaders in multiple vertical markets, our vision is to bring the next generation of user experience to every consumer.

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Google has made a concerted effort at CES to promote new features in its series of voice-controlled speakers.

The last public communication from Redux was in April 2017, when it unveiled its Panel Audio technology, which uses haptic vibrations and "bending wave" sounds to turn smartphone and tablet screens into high-quality speakers.

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Google acquired speaker tech startup past year