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Time travel? Flight takes off in 2018, lands in 2017

13 January 2018

Hawaiian Airlines plane took off from New Zealand on January 1st 2018 and landed in Hawaii on December 31st 2017.

For the lucky passengers on a Hawaiian Airlines flight bound for Hawaii, a do-over came much sooner.

A Hawaiian Airlines flight HAL446, which was flying from Auckland (New Zealand) to Honolulu, has been delayed for 10 minutes and something mindblowing happened.

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But it is not as uncommon as some might believe with planes crossing the International Date Line every day. This means that people traveling from Auckland to Honolulu can actually travel back in time. A time travel-like occurrence courtesy a flight from New Zealand to Hawaii will give sci-fi nerds something to talk about for days.

A flight took off in 2018 and landed in 2017.

Thanks to the location of the International Dateline, Honolulu is 23 hours behind Auckland. While it is a matter of differing time-zones, social media users seem to have been utterly flabbergasted with the news, which was brought to the notice of Netizens mostly by Sam Sweeney, a journalist in the United States.

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Another commenter remembered taking a similar flight from Australia. I celebrated 3 times. But this serendipitous opportunity to countdown twice nearly didn't happen.

"Gotta wonder if the crew ran 10 extra minutes of diagnostic checks to make this happen", another said. "We left NZ in 2017, flew into 2018 and flew back into 2017".

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Time travel? Flight takes off in 2018, lands in 2017