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Vivo showcases phone with in-display fingerprint sensor at CES 2018

14 January 2018

"The company emphasized the solution's capability of accommodating full-size displays that take up nearly the entire front face of a mobile device, and the convenience of maintaining a front-facing fingerprint scanning system with respect to the user experience".

Back in December we heard that Synpatics in display fingerprint scanner had entered production and now Vivo has shown off a new smartphone with the technology at CES.

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It's been one of the most hotly rumored new smartphone features of the past few months, and now we've finally got to see it in action, on a proper handset that's due to launch in the coming months. As far as we know - the rumored device to break for the western countries will be the Samsung Galaxy S9, to accept a fingerprint, rather than just a "home button" zone. You will need to place your finger on an icon which will be located on the display and keep on pressing until the entire fingerprint is scanned. The prompt can appear even when the screen is off, and will disappear when it is no longer needed.

In order for this to happen, the current design will only be compatible with OLED displays, as they are transparent enough to let the sensor detect a finger above the glass. In-display, also called under-the-display or under-display fingerprint scanner, is a system where the sensor is placed right under the display screen which silently "retracts" once the phone has been unlocked. The important thing here is the inclusion of a Synaptics in-display fingerprint reader.

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This is according to market research firm TrendForce, which believes in-display fingerprint sensors will make a breakthrough this year, with vendors Samsung, LG, OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi and Huawei likely to embed this technology, bringing the global fingerprint sensor penetration rate in smartphones to 60%.

This all-new feature is now present in the pre-production model by Chinese phone maker Vivo. You can find out more details about this new technology over at Vivo at the link below. Once the fingerprint is registered, unlocking the phone works just fine, like any other physical fingerprint sensors.

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This technology will only work for phones that use OLED displays because the sensor looks through the spaces between subpixels from under the panel.

Vivo showcases phone with in-display fingerprint sensor at CES 2018