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Queen Elizabeth Says Wearing A Crown Has One Significant Downside

15 January 2018

Giving her personal recollection, the Queen also reveals how she had struggled with her coronation dress, which was embroidered in silk with pearls, and gold and silver thread.

Elizabeth II attending the Scripture Union's 150th anniversary service of celebration on December 6. "Telling her seemed strangely odd", royal commentator Alastair Bruce, who presents the programme, told The Times.

A crown is the symbol of a 2000-year-old concept of a kingdom, a halo of light representing the head of state and a visible expression of the relationship between sovereign and subject. The queen very carefully talks only about the elements of the coronation ceremony, and then in a measured, rather guarded manner.

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"It's only sprung on leather, not very comfortable", she recalled of the carriage.

Everything you need to know about the vast collection of priceless Crown Jewels.

A large ruby in the crown is said to have been worn by King Henry V at the battle of Agincourt, and viewers can see where a hole was drilled in it to hold his plume.

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In the hour-long programme The Coronation, to be aired on Sunday, the Queen speaks candidly about the moment she was crowned and jokingly says she cannot look down while wearing the Imperial State Crown, which weighs 2lbs 13oz (1.28kg), as her "neck would break". But for, wearing the crown comes with far more practical concerns. She may have kept quiet at the time, but now, 65 years later, the Queen apparently had no qualms about describing the ride as "horrible".

One of the few deviations from the solemn, military-style precision of that day came when a young boy helping carry the queen's train playfully lifted it for a moment and ducked under it.

But the Palace made it clear that the Queen is not being interviewed in the documentary, which tells the story of the Crown Jewels and the ancient ceremony in which they play a key role. As it turns out, the bride-to-be has already tried one on for size, thanks to her reign as Homecoming Queen in high school.

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Meghan Markle may have much to learn when it comes to the rules of becoming a member of the Royal family, but there's one thing she's already gotten a head start on: wearing a tiara!

Queen Elizabeth Says Wearing A Crown Has One Significant Downside