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YouTube is officially screwing over small creators

21 January 2018

But now channel owners will need to have at least 1,000 subscribers, and will need to have at least 4,000 hours of video viewed over the preceding year in order to qualify.

"The newly-instituted thresholds have the potential to redefine certain genres of content on the platform, notably the viral clip business", explains YouTube star and video marketing consultant Matthew Patrick.

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YouTube will enforce the new eligibility policy for all existing channels on February 20, meaning that channels that fail to meet the threshold will no longer be able to make income from ads. YouTube will manually review these videos as they see fit, so no action is required by the owner of the copyrighted content.

The changes to YouTube will be introduced immediately, with a new "three-tier suitability system" coming into effect in the next few months. Theoretically, that will make it easier for YouTube to catch bad actors who aren't there to build up an audience but manipulate other users or spread false information. Those affected are likely to be those making less than $100 on the program each year. Under the new plan, previously reported by Bloomberg, Google Preferred ads will now only run on videos that have been human verified as brand safe.

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Not only is Logan Paul undeniably ignorant, he's also unsafe. This announcement comes just a couple of weeks after influencer Logan Paul uploaded a video on his channel that featured the body of a man who appeared to have recently committed suicide.

Our recent changes to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) are created to curb bad actors, stabilize creator revenue and provide greater assurances to advertisers around where their ads are placed.

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The changes for YouTube creators suggest Google is bowing to pressure from the general public and advertisers following a string of incidences over the past year when videos were called out for content that is fake or otherwise distasteful, leading some advertisers to cut their YouTube budgets. Even super popular Youtuber pewdiepie was penalized by google for his right wing views.Without ad revenue many small youtubers will have to stop making videos and their opinions and views will be silenced. "We'll be working to schedule conversations with our creators in the months ahead so we can hear your thoughts and ideas and what more we can do to tackle that challenge".

YouTube is officially screwing over small creators